"From memory, the first horse I ever backed in the handicap snip was Move In Time in 2013, off a mark of 95. The horse went on to win an Abbaye and reached an official rating in the 110s. That was the first time I’d ever been given advice to back a horse in a 16+ runner handicap and I can honestly say I didn’t really expect it to win.

I’ve been following The Judge for a long time now (just coming up to 5 years) – I never thought I’d say this but the races I most look forward to punting on aren’t Group races (although he has an excellent record) but large field handicap sprints.

The two best winners for me personally were York Glory (also Lethal Force and Opinion on the same day, what a day that was, 3 from 3, patent paid 3500/1), and Rex Imperator, but there have been countless others. Musaddas hosing up in the Balmoral on Champions Day 2015 might actually top even those two thinking about it.

As a rule I never used to bet in large field handicaps because as any pundit will tell you “they’re an absolute minefield” – except that isn’t true. Once you’ve seen the results of the method you realise they’re one of the best mediums for punting. I have my biggest bets exclusively in large field handicaps with 16 or more runners based on the sound principles of the SNIP methodology. As much as I love NH sometimes it feels like I’m waiting for the flat season to come around to bet on these races.

Obviously not every SNIP wins, sometimes you get chinned by another horse or the selection doesn’t run to form, but connections are almost always trying and you get winners at 10/1, 16/1, 20/1 and bigger… and as a final point, we usually bet in races with four, five or even six places – even if the horse doesn’t win it’s always a nice feeling to make a profit on the race when they get a place."

- Mr. J.K Tunbridge Wells

"I've been lucky enough to be a part of The Judge's group since the summer of 2013.

It is worth pointing out that he puts an incredible amount of work and dedication into what he does and I consider myself very, very fortunate to benefit from it. All he asks for in return is the occasional charitable donation to some extremely worthwhile causes. I must also point out that these are always optional and considerably smaller in value than the profits that his advice brings.

Back to the story, when I first joined the group, I kept some fairly detailed records of the bets I placed on The Judge's advice.  I did this partly because I was not in a good place financially at that point in my life and I needed to make sure I was keeping control etc. (around 20 years of less than successful punting had taken its toll on my bank balance) and partly because I was suspicious that one man, offering free advice to people he didn't even know, couldn't possibly provide the returns that had been suggested.  How wrong I was!!!

In that first year, I placed 393 bets on The Judge's recommendations.  The breakdown of those bets is below:

Bets placed - 393

Winning bets - 59 (15%)

Placed bets (where each way was recommended) - 56 (14%)

Non runners - 7 (2%)

Losing bets - 271 (69%)

Biggest losing streak - 15 bets / 54 points

Biggest priced winner - 50/1

Biggest single return - 129 pts

Average price of winner - 6.35/1

Points staked - 1391

Points returned - 1606

Points profit - 215

ROI - 15.5%

To have such huge profit/ROI figures over a whole year of punting was amazing.

I should stress that even though I wasn't the worlds most successful punter when I started following The Judge, I did have a number of restricted accounts or bookies who wouldn't take my bets.  I was betting with only 3 online accounts and access to 5 bookies who had shops locally.  This meant that I often could not secure the best price available at the time of The Judge's advice nor could I benefit from bookies incentives such as best odds guaranteed or money back / free bets if selection finishes second or is a faller etc.  If you have access to a full range of bookies accounts and have all of the offers still intact then the returns and profits highlighted above would be even bigger!!!

The one thing I wish I had kept stats on during that period was The Judge's "handicap snip" bets. I don't fully understand the process (I'm not as talented as The Judge is) but basically these are bets in the big field handicap flat races which most punters think of as lotteries.  The Judge applies the same methodology time and again to the fields of twenty or thirty odd runners to produce a shortlist.  If the initial shortlist isn't short enough, he applies further factors to come up with the selections.  As I say, the science is a bit of a mystery to me, but since he regularly comes up with not just the winners of these races but the winner plus one or two of the placed horses too, I'm now firmly a believer in the results.  If I had kept stats on these bets specifically, I've no doubt that the results would be out of this world!!!

Somewhat understandably, after that first year I didn't feel the need to keep such detailed records of my bets.  Having said that, I know that similar profits have followed consistently ever since.  The Judge is a truly amazing and special talent and I'm really lucky to have found him!!"

- Mr. M.R Leeds

"I have known The Judge since 2005 when I met him in a BBC horse racing chat room and have followed him ever since. Prior to knowing him I had 30+ years as the sort of punter that bookies loved... mug, loser etc

I ticked along for many years not taking it seriously (I am not a risk taker), but started to get more serious in about 2012 after I got made redundant. I have not looked back since. My bets are small by some peoples standard, but large in comparison with my income.

This guy knows what he is doing and is an amazing Judge, particularly in large flat handicaps (where most punters fear to tread!). Since 2015 I have made made enough money from his selections (often 'handicap snips' which he calls them) to fund 3 betting banks of 240pts each (from less than 1 complete bank) plus I have paid for a top quality new kitchen and completed renovations to our elderly house. Next month we are cashing in my betting banks and some other savings and purchasing a new electric car and paying cash! It is the new Renault Zoe, Signature Nav Quick Charge. I don't like mentioning money/stakes, but mention the car and model in case anyone considering joining The Judge's services might want to google its cost. We collect the car later this month and will rebuild the betting banks from next flat season.

To put it quite simply, my family could not have envisaged being financially where we are now without The Judge's skills and knowledge. When we are all gathered, for example at Christmas, we toast FatherRickmass. We have won life changing money and The Judge has my permission to allow serious potential followers to email me, or catch me on twitter (@anr1102).

Have you had over 45 family betting accounts closed or restricted? I have. if you need proof then if The Judge says you are serious then I would be happy to chat to you on Skype and show you the emails from bookies ... I have many of them in a scrap book! It might be the best move you will make? I don't bullshit, neither does The Judge.

I still have one bookie I can bet online with and shops where I place bets, so for good reason for now I will just identify myself as..."

- Mr A.R Middlesborough

"I just want to share one day that sticks in my mind it was at Newmarket in September 2015 the Cambridgeshire meeting. I was there that day with a few lads that are big into their racing, there had been serious debate leading up to the meet about who we fancied for the big race. Well what a day it turned out to be The Judge correctly pointed us in the direction of First Victory which was exactly that, to get the day off to a great start 6/1. We then moved onto Lumiere in the Cheveley Park Stakes never looked like losing 5/1. We then go to the big one The Cambridgeshire a mere 34 runners (if I was on my own it would be potluck I wouldn't know where to start with that many nags).

The Judge unbelievably picks out Third Time Lucky 16/1 who romps home and the second place Master The World, what a day!

One of the lads said to me 'you continue betting like that they'll have a statue of you out the front in no time' I can't take any credit it's all the main man The Judge.

Thank you for all your hard work, bring on the flat!"

- Mr. P.M Redcar

"Cambridgeshire, Cesarewitch, Wokingham, Stewards Cup, Portland and the rest - famous big handicaps that we love...but are impossible to solve, right?

We love them because they are exciting races, generally 7/1 the field with strong markets meaning it's easier to get your bet on at the price and always four, often five, places on offer.

We hate them because it's hard enough to get one on the first ten let alone find the winner! 25 years of punting and I just could not get my head around them. They were just a bookies benefit until I started following The Judge and The Handicap Snip. Since then my betting on these big handicaps on a Saturday and at major meetings has been totally transformed. I realise now that they are great races to bet in - if you know what you are doing!

We have had big winner after big winner in these big handicaps but just as importantly to me is the consistency that this approach brings. Bets are usually advised to take advantage of the good place terms available and the phenomenal strike rate of getting horses at least placed means regular returns and allows me the confidence to grow the bank and keep stakes high at even at double figure prices - leading to even bigger Boooms!

I understand a little of the detailed methodology but to be frank I leave it to the expert. The bets are always advised to a strict staking plan and and sent in a clear and timely fashion with the strong markets meaning it's relatively straightforward to get on at advised prices.

When the bets come through for a big Handicap it is the second biggest thrill of my week, only topped by when they win. (Don't tell my wife I said that..although as we are just having a new kitchen fitted funded entirely from the profits gained since following The Judge I know she's not complaining. In fact when she sees me on oddschecker now she asks ''Is it from The Judge?" and when I say yes she just nods approvingly.)

So, thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and experience with us (for free!) these past years and I'm very excited by this coming Flat Season - expecting us to make the same fast start as last year, to grow that bank even further and get even more and bigger booms."

- Mr. M.D Cambridgeshire

"When I was working out my own bets, I had tended to concentrate on the televised (BBC & Channel 4) races, as although I have satellite, and a 6/1 winner pays the same at Southwell as it does at Royal Ascot, it just doesn’t seem the same.  It’ s hard to explain why.  There is the just extra kudos in solving competitive handicaps when you know everyone is trying, and the prize money is worth winning.

The trouble was, until I came across The Judge, I was never successful in the long term.  I tried form study myself, and I had spells following Pricewise, Timeform, Raceform, Superform, and even Henry Rix back in his “Today” period….I’ve was never in profit like I have been over the past three years.  Fair dues, I would have a good run following those guys for a while, and The Judge has lean spells, but for long term profit,  the Judge has been the man...by a distance.

Since joining the Inner Circle I have also learnt far more about banks and staking that I had picked up in about forty years previously, and I must give an honourable mention to Andy at this point.  And although I tend to be one of the less vocal members I also enjoy being part of an exclusive club.

I particularly like the thought processes that goes behind the selections, and best of all are the big meetings, and of course the Cheltenham Festival, when there is a document that grows and evolves over time. Its often very interesting to go back and reread after the races.

I am not a big stakes punter, but my stakes have gradually increased over the past three years. So much so that I was able to withdraw some of my winnings to buy a car for my daughters. Ok it was a second hand Peugeot, but they are really pleased with it. Something like that would have been unthinkable a few years back.

I am grateful to The Judge and his Snip method and in thinking of a way to sum it up I would say, it transforms my small stakes in to far bigger winnings.

It’s almost Alchemy!!"

- Mr S.T London

"I first became involved towards the end of the 2014 Flat season, when November Handicap day provided winners in Open Eagle (12/1) and Levitate (6/1). I was hooked! Since then, the SNIP approach has provided plenty more winners and placed horses on the Flat which I've been able to profit from including:


Chil The Kite 20/1 (my birthday, paid for a week in France straight after!)

Third Time Lucky 16/1

Musaddas 14/1

Buckstay 6/1


Accession 20/1

Duke of Firenze 14/1

Snoano 12/1

No Heretic 12/1

You're Fired 16/1

Because the approach is aimed at high grade handicaps, the betting markets are strong making it easier to get on at decent prices; the prices quoted are ones I got.  Most pundits will describe these races as complex and difficult to solve, and from my previous experience, that certainly is the case.  But, by using SNIP and adding his own experience, The Judge is able to narrow these big fields down to a short list really effectively.  He also explains in detail his rationale behind narrowing the field and his final selections, which has helped me learn a great deal.

He has also convinced me of the merit of each way betting in these races, with many more horses than those named just missing out and being placed. This strategy has proven very profitable in action, and helps to maintain the betting bank.  Finally The Judge's very honest - there are great days and there are tough days, but that applies to all betting no matter what some might tell you. There's a great group of people lucky enough to benefit from The Judge's work, and we celebrate the successes and commiserate when we lose. But overall we win, can't ask for more than that!"

- Mr. C.A Birmingham

"I've been on board since April 2015 and the amount of winners is crazy. And not short priced hotpots I might add, The Judge's winners are juicy. I've found that info comes thru days in advance of races so we get the best value possible. There's no doubt behind the thought process, it just works. And if a shock to the stats happens we can take it on the chin as I know we will ride again and the SNIP method will prove good. In my eyes The Judge has the thought process of a trainer. He knows the horses and the form and can tell if the horse has a chance based upon all the SNIP factors. I never punted on big field handicaps before as I just couldn't fathom them out. Now I absolutely love them. All down to The Judge and the SNIP!"

- Mr M.M Newcastle

"I think I've been in since 2013 - I recall seeing your York Glory work and then moved on to Twitter in time for Rex Imperator. You were on a crazy run, and so despite thinking big field handicaps were just a lottery it became clear that... they weren't! I would say I avoided betting on those races before that point, unless I was actually at a race meet (in which case I was effectively betting for the sake of betting). I can tell the method needs a lot of focus but also patience. The write ups are spot on because they cover the salient points but don't necessarily go into too much detail. Sometimes it is just one thing that stands out in your writing that illustrates your absolute confidence in something, ie a factor that will/could totally favour a selection- those are the most exciting ones. And interestingly they're not always the 5 pointers. Hard to say how much I've won (partly because I'm a volume punter!!) - Rex Imperator was around £300 which is probably my biggest snip win.  The P & Ls talk for themselves - not aware of anyone who gets close to The Judge!

Maybe the key thing to mention is discipline. Your methods are very clear on discipline. When I'm  following my nose (usually on graded races) I've got the discipline of a toddler. So it's always good to see it being applied to get the blinkers back on so to speak."

- Mr S.F Surrey

"Great day today...and hit the crossbar a couple of times earlier in the week. If you gonna win one...might as well be the richest handicap. Did the three boxed in a forecast, not much on by most peoples standards I suspect, but when it pays over 100/1 you don't need it!!!"


"Thanks Judge really enjoyed this week culminating in the Ebor some superb tipping especially the 1 2, all the best!"


"Wow! That is why you are The Judge!! Enjoy your weekend boys... I certainly will”


"Hey Judge

Been away for the weekend and just got back mate.  We were slightly late away on Friday night cos I was getting my bets on first.  A bit of earache from my wife was certainly worth it now I've seen the results!!!  Truly amazing once again (although I seem to say that to you pretty regularly these days!).

I hope you know how much I appreciate you sharing your opinions and insight with me/us. I do try to thank you as often as possible (including setting myself up on Twitter just to get better access to your thoughts and to send you some BOOMs when the inevitable winners come) but it sometimes doesn't seem enough given the amount of hours you must put in!!

Thanks once again Judge. You are one in a million!!”


"Brilliant day, the laser is absolutely locked on at the mo, we can't miss"


"Excellent stuff Judge! Had a bit of a busy weekend so only just checked on results to see a nice big wedge in the accounts!"


"Hi Judge

Your Archie Score is close to 9 now! That means there is a 0.0027% you could be getting your results by chance! You know it, I know it, but nice that there is a well respected mathematical formula confirming!

357 selections 70 winners

Strike rate 19.6%

Average odds of selections 11.3/1

Average price of winners 9.63/1

Edge over bookmakers (win only of course and no stakes differentiation) 88.65%"


"In addition to the selections, the thinking behind them, the big difference to me over this past couple of years has been the advice on keeping a proper bank and staking.”


"Top stuff...all I can say is my bank is swelling nicely!!"


"Genius Judge, what a day!"


"Epic day Judge. Huge thanks!”


"Your advice came through just as I was going to lunch at work, got on at got 16/1 and 8s and it all just all came together. So after this weekend, instead of that usual Monday feeling I 'll know I will be going to pick up....

Thanks again and great write ups - spot on


- Steve