What Is A Handicap Snip?

An explanation of the term 'Handicap Snip'

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The term 'handicap snip' has come to mean a horse that can run in a handicap race from a mark that demonstrably underestimates his ability.

They often come about because certain classes of handicap have early closing for entries and the weights are fixed sometimes weeks before the race is actually run. The Official Handicapper cannot then take into account racecourse performances that took place after the handicap marks were allotted and sometimes a horse then runs much better than beforehand leaving the handicapper to say 'If I were able to reframe the weights today then this horse would be carrying 7lbs more on his back'.

That would be an 'official' handicap snip, where the future mark of the horse has already been decided and it is clear that the horse is well in at the weights.

What's not so clear is finding horses that have not been reassessed yet that are certainly capable of running to a much higher level than the official handicapper supposes. These horses, if correctly and consistently identified, often go under the radar in the betting markets especially in large field handicaps. The Handicap Snip Methodology is designed to seek out these horses and to identify when they have an edge at the weights against their rivals in a race.

Successful punting over many years has proven the strategies and methodology applied to be highly profitable with an edge over bookmakers prices at a substantial level.